Longwave Financial


If you are looking at our profile, you are curious about what it means to invest according to your values. For the past decade Longwave has pursued investment returns through a scientific approach and repeatable process. With our 2023 merger with JSA Sustainable Wealth Management, a firm with 30 years experience in values based and impact investing, we have brought together the heart and mind. Through this depth of knowledge and experience, Longwave has created portfolios can help you do well while doing good.

Our ESG Investing Principles:

  • Make an authentic contribution to the ESG space. We focus on only the most devout and rigorous ESG solutions. 

  • Focus and capture all tracked ESG categories, not just one. 

  • Use the weight of our capital as a voice for structural change, including using our voting power to make real change.


We may be a great fit if you see yourself in the following description: People in our client family care about leaving a positive legacy, whether it’s with their children, their community or in the creative equity of the world. Their sense of curiosity drives them to travel, explore, teach, heal, create and advocate. Work is both a passion and a means to share their time and resources with the people and activities they care deeply about.  

We hope to hear from you soon!