Green Wedding Gifts

wedding tables by Ben Rosett

If you’re not a buy-off-the-registry type of person, or you just want to give green to a new couple, try these gifts. Our staff picked them as just a few of the standout choices offered by Green America member businesses.


“I like the idea of giving a couple of organic pillows. CozyPure has a lot of options, as well as a wedding gift package that has a soft blanket and a gift card, if you’re not sure what the couple would want.”

        —Scott Kitson, Membership Marketing Manager, Green Business Network®


“I like giving farmers’ market baskets. The Bolga Market Baskets from My Bolga Baskets are colorful, unique, and made with fair trade practices by weavers in Ghana.”

        —Dana Christianson, Director of Membership Marketing


“If you’re in the market for an engagement or wedding ring, try McFarland Designs. All of Tamara McFarland’s rings are beautiful and simple. They’re also handmade from recycled and ethical sources. Tamara also raises thousands of dollars for charity.”

        —Monica Flores, Director of Digital Products



“Some people don’t want more stuff—for them, planting a tree can be a nice way to celebrate them. Plant a Tree USA  has a few different options depending on your budget.” 

        —Todd Larsen, executive co-Director of Consumer and Corporate Engagement