Map of Certified Business Member Profiles

EcoPlum, Inc.

EcoPlum Business Gifts: Sustainable Branded Promotional Products for Organizations and Events

The Organic & Non-GMO Report/Evergreen Publishing

Started in 2001, The Organic & Non-GMO Report is a bi-monthly print news magazine alternating with a bi-monthly E-Newsletter focusing on threats posed by genetically modified foods and the fast-growing trend toward non-GMO and organic foods. The Organic &


A nonprofit that invests private capital in, and facilitates knowledge transfer to, depository institutions that increase access to financial services in underserved communities.

NAIWBE Natural As I Wanna Be

NAIWBE is a lifestyle brand for healthy lifestyle choices.

The Hastings Group

Voices For Change Choose Us. Join Our Client List: Green America, Natural Resources Defense Council, AARP, As You Sow, Arjuna Capital, Civil Society Institute, Ceres, Union of Concerned Scientists, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Renewable Nation and more!


Build strong relationships, empower entrepreneurs, and create an inclusive community.

Clutter Control Organizing Services

Home and office organizing when you're overwhelmed.

EcoVentures International

Helps small businesses harness the economic power of responsible practices.

Mentor Capital Network

Competitions and mentor programs for social enterprises.

Mojave West Insurance Services

Applies Green America's goals in insurance and risk management.

Moxie Bookkeeping

Holistic bookkeeping for small businesses in NYC.

Progressive Bookkeeping Solutions LLC

QuickBooks support services for high-net-worth individuals.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Steve Kaye, Environmental Advocate

Presentations that inform and inspire by a professional speaker & photographer

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR)

A business association dedicated to the "triple bottom line."


Connect with your diverse audience in 250 languages and all forms of media


Connect with your diverse audience in 250 languages and all forms of media


Connect with your diverse audience in 250 languages and all forms of media


Connect with your diverse audience in 250 languages and all forms of media

American Sustainable Business Council

ASBC is dedicated to bringing the voice of sustainable business to key public policy issues.

Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE)

Global sustainability (CSR) consulting, coaching, and training.

Creative Facilitating and Coaching

Leadership coaching, team development, retreats, facilitation.

Elaine Chaney, Organization Development Consulting

Organization development consulting and coaching.

The Fehlig Group, LCC

We meet companies where they are on their journey to be a more sustainable business. We can help you implement initiatives, set targets, and communicate to your stakeholders.

Changeworks of The Heartland

Progressive organization and community-development consultancy.

Hosfeld & Associates, Inc.

Collaborative strategic planning that engages head and heart.

Jeffrey Axelbank

Provides customized approach to management consulting.

The Look Enterprises, Inc.

Management consulting, training, IT, and facility management.

Maracuja Solutions

Organic food and agriculture community services, including Supply Chain Integrity, Strategic Planning, and Educational Events.

Progressive Strategy Group, LLC

Business analysis. Marketing strategy. Sustainability consulting.

Provender Alliance

Promotes food safety, ethical business practices, sustainable agriculture, and environmental integrity.

A World of Green LLC

Low-cost solutions for incorporating green-business strategies.

eco-officiency, LLC

Sustainable consulting services for small/medium businesses.

Agrilab Technologies

Composting, watershed protection, and sustainable development solutions.

BlueGreenPlume, LLC

BlueGreenPlume, LLC provides consulting services for greening initiatives and sustainable natural resource programs.

Sound Native Plants

Comprehensive ecological restoration in WA and OR.

Sustainable Computing

I coach Mac users, teaching the language of technology to support confident, productive, and flexible computing.

Applied Culture Group LLC

Applied Culture Group LLC is a woman-owned small business that works to transform how individuals and societies address conflict, trauma and healing.

Compensation Venture Group, SPC

Compensation Venture Group, SPC

Athens Impact Socially Responsible Investments

We offer a full range of personalized responsible investment strategies including Fossil Fuel Free portfolios, designed to meet your financial goals, promote a better society and a healthy planet.

Sustainable Advisors Alliance

Laura Isanuk provides socially responsible financial planning and investing advice that allows you to build a positive financial future for yourself while doing good for the world. IAR with First Affirmative Financial Network

Ground Floor Partners

Ground Floor Partners: Business Growth Consultants

Artifex Financial Group

Artifex Financial Group specializes in creating custom ESG portfolios that adhere to your specific preferences. Our results have proven that you can do well by doing good. Contact us today for a free review.


GreenPrint, a global environmental technology company, offers sustainability as a service with patent-protected programs that deliver environmental impact and bottom-line results. An Inc. 5000 company and a member of 1% Percent for the Planet, GreenPrint’

Get the Bag, LLC

We power-up and promote the visibility and impact of Black women entrepreneurs. We connect Black women to business funding information, financial, social and customer capital. Are you a champion of Black owned-businesses ? Check out our gift boxes!