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Broad-Based Mutual Funds that Exclude Fossil-Fuel Companies by Policy

Appleseed Fund

The Fund has divested its long positions in fossil-fuel companies in order to pursue a fossil-fuel free investment strategy.

Green Century Balanced Fund Green Century

This fund excludes fossil-fuel companies, and in 2009 became the first fund to release a carbon-footprint report of its holdings: 66 percent smaller than the S&P 500.

Green Century Equity Fund

Since April 1, 2014, the Equity Fund is divested of all fossil-fuel companies. The fund already excluded coal and oil companies; Green Century has now screened out natural gas.

Green Century MSCI International Index Fund

The first responsible and diversified international index Fund (that is fossil fuel free) that invests in companies chosen for their outstanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings in 22 developed countries.


The Fund avoids companies engaged in the production, manufacturing, or refining of fossil fuels.

Parnassus Endeavor Fund

Formerly known as the Parnassus Workplace Fund, effective May 1, 2014, the fund will no longer invest in companies engaged in the extraction, exploration, production, manufacturing or refining of fossil fuels.

Portfolio 21

Portfolio 21 pursues a company-wide strategy of screening out investments in fossil fuel companies. A searchable list of its holdings appears on its website.

Shelton Green Alpha Fund Portfolio

Green Alpha Advisors believes that fossil fuels disrupt the economy and its underlying ecosystems, do not represent solutions, and have no place in Green Alpha portfolios.

Clean-Energy-Focused Fossil-Free Mutual Funds

Pax World Global Environmental Markets Fund

While excluding fossil fuels, this fund also invests in clean energy and energy efficiency, pollution control, waste management, and water infrastructure.

Community-Development Mutual Funds (Fossil-Free)

Access Capital Community Investment Fund Asset

Because of this fund’s focus on community investing, it is not invested in fossil fuel companies.

CRA Qualified Investment Fund Asset

The CRA Fund focuses on community development, including affordable housing, job creation, and redevelopment of blighted communities.


Green America assumes no legal or financial responsibility for the practices, products, or services of any businesses listed. Please read all materials carefully prior to investing.

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