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BlogNews (November 4, 2019) After the launch of our Toxic Textiles campaign, you may be wondering how I can make sure children in my family or social network are not being exposed to harmful chemicals? Unfortunately, this is a difficult task. For example, in our recent Toxic…
toxic textiles, toxic clothing, secondhand clothing, children organic clothing
BlogNews (October 24, 2019) What impact does alternative meat have on farmers and the planet?
Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger, alternative meat, plant based, vegetarian, vegan, organic, GMO, farmers, Meat, cows, Regenerative Agriculture, farming, farms
BlogNews (October 15, 2019) This year, Green America’s chocolate scorecard included a few new brands that are leaders. The scorecard’s ratings are still heavily based on efforts to combat child labor, but we’ve added a new category on deforestation, one of the many issues…
cocoa, child labor, Halloween, candy, chocolate scorecard
BlogNews (October 9, 2019) In 2017, we launched Hang Up on Fossil Fuels, a campaign urging major telecommunications companies to rapidly increase their use of renewables to power networks. Back then, the industry was using almost no clean energy and few companies had any…
dirty energy in telecoms, are telecoms sustainable, clean energy, Renewable Energy, wind power, solar power
BlogNews (October 1, 2019) Latinx Heritage Month—also recognized as Hispanic Heritage Month—began as a week-long celebration of the heritages and cultures of citizens of Hispanic origin in the United States. Since its creation in 1968 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the…
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BlogNews (September 26, 2019) This summer, Green America joined a coalitional letter to five regional banks urging them to conduct human rights due diligence in relation to their financial ties to private prisons and immigrant detention centers.
prison, detention centers, SRI, socially responsible investing
BlogNews (September 23, 2019) The Ivory Coast and Ghana are the top producers of cocoa, globally. Cocoa farms in both countries are plagued by child labor, with an estimated two million children working in cocoa fields. These are not children helping on the family farm part-time…
cocoa, chocolate, child labor, cocoa farmers
BlogNews (September 12, 2019) By Ayate Temsamani, Climate Fellow The Impact of Telecoms The US telecom industry uses vast amounts of energy, with the major four companies collectively using over 30 million megawatt hours (MWH) of electric power every year—enough energy to…
are telecoms sustainable, dirty energy in telecoms, climate change, clean energy, green economy, green jobs, wind, solar, education, Verizon, Does verizon use dirty energy
BlogNews (August 29, 2019) Fires are raging in the Amazon. Here's what you can do to make your voice heard.
climate change, Amazon, divestment, Break Up With Your Mega-Bank
BlogNews (August 26, 2019) The Problem Green America recently launched Cool It, our campaign to address harmful emissions causing the climate crisis. The campaign focuses on hydrofluorocarbons, or “HFCs”, extremely potent greenhouse gases that are used as refrigerants in…
climate change, walmart environmental impact, carbon emissions, hfcs, Refrigerants
BlogNews (August 8, 2019) The most recent IPCC report on agriculture makes clear that we need to act fast on agriculture. We need more Soil Superheroes, farmers practicing regenerative agriculture that saves our soils and sequesters carbon
climate change, reverse climate change, Soil Carbon
BlogNews (August 5, 2019) Travel can be sustainable, too. Check out these tips sourced from travel experts at the Green Business Network.
travel, summer, airplane, sustainable, carbon offsets, green economy, travel agent
BlogNews (July 16, 2019) Packaging, especially concerning online purchases, contribute to a large portion of individual consumer waste. What are the alternatives?
reuse, sustainable packaging, recycled products
BlogNews (July 16, 2019) Recycling has been used for years by companies who in an attempt to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Recently, many businesses have been turning to upcycling to achieve this goal in an alternative and more impactful manner.
recycling, Impact, sustainable business
BlogNews (July 11, 2019) Amazon Prime Day is full of deals, but those deals come at a big cost to people and the planet.  So, before you click on that deal that sounds like a steal, check out Green America's 10 Reasons to pass on Prime Day. Amazon…  Exploits workers and…
Amazon, climate change, Renewable Energy
BlogNews (July 10, 2019) Summer is underway and Green America’s work is in high gear! Thanks to our members' generous support, every day our programs are advancing the policies and systems needed for safe food, clean energy, responsible finance, and fair labor on which the…
change policy, environmental policy, Regenerative Agriculture, environmental events
BlogNews (July 8, 2019) Project Victory Gardens serves veterans and our food system with access to farmer training.
veteran jobs, job training, agricultural therapy, farming
BlogNews (July 1, 2019) Plantain, known as Plantago major, grows all over North America and around the world. It is commonly found in yards and gardens where pesticides aren’t used. Chances are, if you’re a Climate Victory Gardener, you’ve come across this plant. And,…
edible plants, medicinal plants, chemical-free lawns, gardening
BlogNews (June 24, 2019) The United States uses over a billion pounds of pesticides each year, many that contain chemicals banned in other countries. These toxic chemicals have major impacts on both people and the planet. US regulation has fallen behind other major…
RoundUp, Glyphosate, pesticide, EPA, Health, chemicals