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Blog/News (February 21, 2019) The following is testimony from Fran Teplitz, Director of Green America’s Green Business Network, at the Maryland State Senate hearing on February 21, 2019 in support of increasing Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 an hour (SB 280).
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Blog/News (February 21, 2019)…{24bb8f85-e652-4c2d-98b6-03271ed36f8f}&action=edit&wdPid=41373bd0
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Blog/News (February 14, 2019) Black and minority-owned businesses strengthen local economies, create job opportunities and celebrate diverse culture.
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Blog/News (February 11, 2019) Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently introduced their much-anticipated framework for a Green New Deal. The accompanying resolution introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives calls for massive investment
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Blog/News (February 11, 2019) By Catherine McDonnell-Forney Climate Victory Gardeners are joining together to build a movement that brings healthy food into into our yards and communities, while drawing carbon from the atmosphere to fight climate change. This campaign is built…
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Blog/News (February 6, 2019) Our allies at Business for a Fair Minimum Wage are launching a new sign-on statement for business people to support raising the federal minimum wage gradually to $15 by 2024—and we’re inviting business leaders to be some of the first to sign. The…

Blog/News (February 4, 2019) Reducing Carbon Emissions is Good for Business With the October 2018 UN report announcing that we have only 12 years to prevent devastating climate change, it’s time to talk about the role business can play in mitigating this crisis. If we make no…
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Blog/News (January 29, 2019) Drawing attention to wasteful, ubiquitous items like straws and receipts matters. Here's why
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Blog/News (December 17, 2018) By Nicky Schauder of Permaculture Gardens, a member of our Green Business Network My family and I have a Climate Victory Garden in the suburbs of Washington DC. I wanted to give you a tour of our garden with the hopes it will inspire you.…
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Blog/News (December 13, 2018) We recently posted a couple social media graphics about reasons not to buy from Amazon, during the holidays, “Prime Day”, or any other time of year. Not buying from a giant online store is not a surprising perspective from Green America, an …

Blog/News (December 11, 2018) Despite being the largest telecom company, Verizon has been a laggard in using clean energy. But it looks like that might be changing. The entire telecom industry uses vast amounts of energy, with the major four companies collectively using over 30…
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Blog/News (December 10, 2018) Know before you buy about the companies that allow unsafe or inhumane working conditions so you can buy from companies that treat their workers right, instead.  

Blog/News (December 5, 2018) The trendline for socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI) continues to impress, with the latest data on SRI assets under professional management in the US reaching $12 trillion in 2018 according to the latest research from the Forum on Su

Blog/News (November 29, 2018) On the day after Thanksgiving, the Trump Administration quietly released the fourth US National Climate Assessment. The findings further underscore the United Nations IPCC Report published in October, showing that effects of climate change have…
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Blog/News (November 15, 2018) Why we’re skipping the year’s most ridiculous “holiday.”

Blog/News (November 7, 2018) In a victory for its workers, Arkansas and Missouri approved substantial wage increases during the 2018 midterm elections. This means the two red states will soon be among the highest of minimum wages of any state. For Arkansas, Issue 5 was the…
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Blog/News (November 5, 2018) Bismark Kpabitey is a 33 year old dynamic agroforestry cocoa farmer from Ghana, where farmers typically earn $0.84 per day. Bismark has been practicing dynamic agroforestry for three years on seven acres to support his 16 family members. He sells…
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Blog/News (November 1, 2018) Ancient wheats, such as KAMUT® brand khorasan are part of a healthy, healing diet
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Blog/News (October 22, 2018) Congratulations to Green America's People & Planet Award winners! Thanks to all who nominated and voted for green businesses to win our fall People & Planet Award. This season’s award focused on businesses that help people green their homes—…

Blog/News (October 21, 2018) As more people become involved in the SRI movement, it becomes increasingly important for investors to understand how mutual funds are being evaluated in terms of their social and environmental impacts.
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