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BlogNews (November 14, 2022) Why we’re skipping the year’s most ridiculous “holiday.”
Black Friday
BlogNews (November 1, 2022) Since the pandemic, online retail sales have increased significantly. Fast, cheap, and trendy fashion has progressively become more popular too.   One online retailer has caught a lot of consumers' attention: Shein. A simple search…
fast fashion
BlogNews (October 16, 2022) Farm work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US, in part due to pesticide exposure, and women’s share of the farming workforce is increasing. According to the USDA, in 2009 women made up 18.6% of farmworkers but in 2018,…
pesticide, agriculture, workers rights, women
BlogNews (October 5, 2022) As a part of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, take a look at the influence that the Spanish speakers in Latin America have on trade to the U.S. In particular, explore some of the fair trade goods that help workers in the region. 
fair trade, Latin America, latin american, latino, latina, Latinx, hispanic, green business, green business products, green business certification
BlogNews (September 28, 2022)  Pregnancy comes with precautions such as no heavy lifting, light exercise, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding air travel closer to one’s due date. There is another concern to add to the list: pesticides.  According to the…
BlogNews (August 8, 2022) Green America welcomed the positive steps within the July 27, 2022 climate deal that is part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.  Calling for $369 billion in climate and clean energy investments, the bill would put the U.S. on the…
climate crisis
BlogNews (July 11, 2022) A country music festival in Las Vegas; the Pulse night club in Orlando; Sandy Hook Elementary School; a theater in Aurora, Colorado; Virginia Tech…And more recently Buffalo; Uvalde; and Highland Park's Fourth of July parade. The list of lives lost…
socially responsible, social investing
BlogNews (July 6, 2022)   Banks Can Make a Real Difference on Climate; Will They?  The annual Banking on Climate Chaos report reveals how big banks are fueling the climate crisis through their financing, based on aggregated statistics from banks globally.…
BlogNews (July 5, 2022) Calling on Businesses to Stand up for Democracy 
supreme court democracy
BlogNews (May 26, 2022) From the most recent issue of our magazine, Green American, where we update readers on the progress we've made over the last quarter on climate, finance, food, labor, social justice, and more. Renewable Energy Must Advance Equity This spring…
Green America, Green America's campaigns, climate, soil carbon initiative
BlogNews (April 12, 2022) International leaders are not doing enough on climate. Here’s what we are doing together to move the needle.
climate, climate change, Green America, victories
BlogNews (April 11, 2022) States and municipalities raise money through issuing bonds, but they rarely fund green infrastructure or activities, and they are usually too pricey for most individual investors. But a new bond from Connecticut offers a new way for any investor…
green bond, socially responsible investing, social investing, impact investing, sustainable investing, Amalgamated Bank, Connecticut green bank, clean energy
BlogNews (April 6, 2022) Green America is pleased to partner with As You Sow to help you find out what you own in your retirement plan – and how to be an advocate for better investment options from your employer.
SRI, sustainable investing, retirement planning
BlogNews (March 16, 2022) Industrial agriculture is a leading source of the climate crisis. Big Ag causes continual topsoil loss (costing the US more than a trillion dollars every year), and pollutes our waterways.   Restoring soil health and its natural ability to…
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews (February 3, 2022) Direct and fair trade chocolate companies have been placing farmers front-and-center of their business models for years.
fair trade chocolate
BlogNews (January 4, 2022) In an effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline several years ago, individuals and institutions pulled their money out of the mega-banks that were funding this destructive pipeline, threatening American Indian lands and the drinking water of…
financing climate change
BlogNews (November 17, 2021) Small businesses often rely on Amazon - but is the megacorporation doing more harm than good?
support small business
BlogNews (November 15, 2021) COP 26, the latest United Nations meeting to forge agreements between nations on climate change, has come to a close in Glasgow, Scotland.  While the countries present reached an agreement that improves on the current commitments, the world is…
COP 26, climate crisis
BlogNews (November 9, 2021) Amazon had a record-breaking year in 2020, bringing in over $20 billion in profits. This was a great year for shareholders and executives, but who makes these profits possible and who bears the brunt of the harm from a corporation that prioritizes…
Amazon, racial justice, workers rights