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BlogNews ( ) Green America is pleased to partner with As You Sow to help you find out what you own in your retirement plan – and how to be an advocate for better investment options from your employer.
SRI, sustainable investing, retirement planning
BlogNews ( ) Industrial agriculture is a leading source of the climate crisis. Big Ag causes continual topsoil loss (costing the US more than a trillion dollars every year), and pollutes our waterways.   Restoring soil health and its natural ability to…
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews ( ) Direct and fair trade chocolate companies have been placing farmers front-and-center of their business models for years.
fair trade chocolate
BlogNews ( ) Even after the Paris agreement, banks are financing climate change instead of renewable energy.
financing climate change
BlogNews ( ) Small businesses often rely on Amazon - but is the megacorporation doing more harm than good?
support small business
BlogNews ( ) While the countries present at COP 26 reached an agreement, the world is still far from preventing the worst impacts of climate change. 
COP 26
BlogNews ( ) Amazon had a record-breaking year in 2020, bringing in over $20 billion in profits. This was a great year for shareholders and executives, but who makes these profits possible and who bears the brunt of the harm from a corporation that prioritizes…
BlogNews ( ) Divestment from the fossil fuel sector is steadily on the rise, as documented in the Invest Divest Report.
fossil fuel divestment
BlogNews ( ) Green America supports EPA rules regulating super-polluting methane from oil and gas, and urges the agency to go further.
methane emissions
BlogNews ( ) Globally, 1 in 10 children experience child labor. With over 1.5 million child laborers in cocoa.
child labor
BlogNews ( ) Many corporations released Black Lives Matter pledges following the murder of George Floyd. How many of the pledges have been fulfilled?
Black Lives Matter, blm, corporate responsibility, Black Lives Matter pledges
BlogNews ( ) The fossil fuel industry promotes plenty of renewable energy myths. This fact sheet debunks 5 prominent myths about clean energy.
renewable energy myths
BlogNews ( ) Entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the world. But sustainability in Hollywood isn't winning an Oscar anytime soon.
hollywood, sustainability, sustainable business, clean energy, movies, television, entertainment, reuse, zero waste, carbon footprint, carbon emissions, film, sustainability in hollywood
BlogNews ( ) The right to vote is the cornerstone of democracy – and central for creating a just, equitable, regenerative economy that works for all.  The United States considers itself to be a leading democracy in the world. The 2020 election, which was…
BlogNews ( ) Recommendations for government, industry, and individuals to accelerate action at speed and scale   This summer, many of us see the devastating floods, fires, storms, and heat waves worldwide as…
climate change, climate crisis
BlogNews ( ) We need to see bolder action on chemical management from Carter’s to end toxic textiles and create more sustainable apparel.
Carter's children's clothing
BlogNews ( ) While most of the labor of building the computers, phones, and other devices that make our digital lives possible happens far from the headquarters of the name on the box, down an often long and opaque supply chain, industry leaders can have…
clean electronics
BlogNews ( ) Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act aims to stop harmful impacts of plastics on communities and the environment.
plastic pollution
BlogNews ( ) Mary Fehlig has built her reputation as corporate social responsibility (CSR) expert and is supporting women-owned business.
CSR advisory, CSR consulting, corporate social responsibility, women-owned, empowering women, women-owned businesses, women empowerment, csi
BlogNews ( ) Amazon is rapidly expanding its apparel footprint. When the pandemic struck, Amazon was posed to respond well and even gain more market share. Over the last year, Amazon’s profits have skyrocketed. At the same time, traditional apparel brands have…
ethical fashion, amazon prime clothes, toxic textiles