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BlogNews ( ) Many agricultural practices are site-specific, but composting is one fundamental element of organic and regenerative agriculture that can be adopted by anyone growing and/or eating food. Composting.
composting, regenerative agriculture
BlogNews ( ) In agriculture, there is major potential for cover cropping and crop rotation to provide beneficial outcomes for the climate and beyond.
crop rotation
BlogNews ( ) As people understand that decreasing meat consumption is good for the climate, there is simultaneously growing interest in plant-based diets and in plant-based investing.  
plant-based investing
BlogNews ( ) Regenerative agriculture practices like zero or low tillage and mulching provide beneficial outcomes both for the climate.
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews ( ) Victory! University of Maryland Begins Using Recycled Paper

BlogNews ( ) In agriculture, there is major potential for perennial plants and diverse crops to provide beneficial outcomes both for the climate and beyond. 
perennial plants
BlogNews ( ) These companies hold a special place in American culture, but they have big issues to resolve.
sustainable business
BlogNews ( ) When businesses deny fair trade standards, cocoa farmers lead difficult lives. Even when the market is strong and conditions are good, they face challenging and climate-changing harvest seasons. Cocoa prices are low, and there is an estimated 400,…
fair trade chocolate
BlogNews ( ) By joining the regenerative agriculture movement this year, you can improve your health in tandem with the earth! Here are some specific, attainable regenerative agriculture-focused goals for the new year. Choose one and take the first step to a healthier
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews ( ) Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews ( ) View a larger version of the infographic here.        This is an exciting time in the worlds of sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation, when these two fields have the opportunity to collaborate and reinforce…

BlogNews ( ) Local and organic foods have some climate benefits, but choose local, organic, AND regenerative for the greatest impact! Our food choices are important. They affect our personal health, the wellbeing of farmers and rural communities, and the state…
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BlogNews ( ) Christmas trees in the United States are a big deal. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, 25-30 million are sold every year. Many environmentalists cringe at this thought, but there are lots of options for making this once-a-year…
Christmas, green holidays, farms, recycling, sustainability, sustainable agriculture
BlogNews ( ) The FDA is planning to spend our tax dollars to educate us about the beenfits of GMOs. Tell them "no"
GMOs, pesticide, industrial agriculture, CAFOs, FDA, genetic engineering, Monsanto, pollinators
BlogNews ( ) Fairtrade and Green America’s shared mission of sustainable business  By Margot Conover, External Relations Manager, Fairtrade America   What makes business better? Discover how people are taking business beyond profits to help people and…
sustainable business
BlogNews ( ) Regenerative Agriculture— Not Genetic Engineering—is the Solution to Climate Change and Our Ailing Food System  Industrial agriculture companies continue to bully farmers into growing genetically modified…
GMOs, climate, Soil Carbon, climate change, factory farms, farmers, farms, genetic engineering, non-GMO, good food, organic, pesticide, science, sustainable agriculture, wheat
BlogNews ( ) Scott Pruitt’s EPA is taking aim at yet another Obama-era policy - the Clean Water Rule of 2015. This rule addressed the term "waters of the United States" as used in 1972’s Clean Water Act, and broadened the definition…
water pollution, EPA, climate change
BlogNews ( ) By: Ayate Temsamani, Better Paper Project Fellow It can be exciting to start the new academic year in college with brand new supplies! Unfortunately, those notebooks, binders, and papers can generate a significant amount of energy and water waste.…
Better Paper Project, recycling, recycled paper, climate
BlogNews ( ) The horrifying events over the weekend in Charlottesville are just the latest events demonstrating the rise of hate in the United States. White supremacists marched through the streets and the University of Virginia, wielding torches and…
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