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Press Release (July 25, 2019) Bills Would Allow All Americans To Invest In A Rapid Transition To Clean Energy For The United States
Clean Energy Victory Bonds, clean energy, renewable energy, bonds, socially responsible investing
Press Release (July 23, 2019) Our new Toxic Textiles report dives into the policy and actions of top US retailers on chemical management, sustainability and transparency.
toxic textiles, supply chain, textiles
Press Release (June 26, 2019) Groups deliver 149,559 petitions as EPA considers extending glyphosate registration
Glyphosate, RoundUp, Monsanto, EPA, pesticide, herbicide, cancer, lymphoma
Press Release (June 25, 2019) Rise in Consumption of Paper Receipts: 3/4 of Companies offer BPA and BPS Coated Paper Receipts; Green America Report Highlights Some Improvements.
paper receipts, Skip the Slip, BPA, BPS, waste, paper waste
Press Release (June 20, 2019) “No Plastics”: Vermont & California Companies in Business to Reduce Waste Win the People and Planet Award.
plastic, plastics, People and Planet Award, plastic-free, non-plastic, green economy, green business, green living
Press Release (May 14, 2019) WASHINGTON, D.C.—MAY 14, 2019—Carter’s, the leading retailer of baby and children’s clothing in the US is not transparent about the toxins and other chemicals used to manufacture its clothing. In response, Green America has launched a new campaign…

Press Release (April 30, 2019) AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Ranked on Clean Energy Sourcing and Commitments; New Section on 5G Networks Highlights Benefits and Challenges.
climate change, clean energy, fossil fuels, 5G
Press Release (April 11, 2019) With Signs Amazon is Slowing Progress on 100% Renewables Pledge and Now Openly Courting Fossil-Fuel Profits, Green America Re-Energizes Its “Build a Better Cloud” Campaign, Outlines Steps for Consumers and Companies to Take.
Amazon, dirty energy, clean energy
Press Release (April 4, 2019) The Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) seeks public comment by May 6 on a new soil carbon standard
Press Release (March 13, 2019) In Time for Spring Planting Season, Green America Toolkit Explains Carbon-Capturing Gardening Practices Americans Can Use in Their Backyards; Climate Victory Gardens Sprouting Up in Minnesota, Colorado, and Virginia.
Climate Victory Garden, carbon farming, Soil Carbon
Press Release (March 6, 2019) In collaboration with over 150 farmer, brand and soil science stakeholders, The Carbon Underground and Green America, along with Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever), Danone North America, and MegaFood, are opening public comment on a new agricultural standard
carbon farming, sustainable food
Press Release (January 8, 2019) Green America Lauds Landmark State Bill Introduced to Mandate Digital Receipts as Default Alternative to Wasteful, BPA- and BPS-Coated Paper Receipts. SACRAMENTO, CA – January 8, 2019 – A new bill in the California Assembly would make the state the…
Skip the Slip, waste, paper, water, trees
Press Release (December 11, 2018) Verizon, A Telecom Industry Laggard at 2 Percent Renewables, Vows to Reach 50 Percent by 2025; Still Trails Behind T-Mobile’s 100 Percent Goal for 2021.

Press Release (November 20, 2018) “We’re Not Buying It”: Waste, Climate Change, Sweatshop Labor, and Toxins
green living, Black Friday
Press Release (October 16, 2018) "People & Planet Award” Gives Back to Eco-Friendly Companies in Georgia & Ohio

Press Release (October 11, 2018) Green America’s Consumer Guide Grades Candy Makers on Ethical, Social and Environmental Practices; Worst Companies Include Godiva, Mondelez (Cadbury) and Ferrero.
cocoa, child labor
Press Release (September 26, 2018) Celebrity Activist and Gangsta Gardener Promote Climate Change Mitigation and Healthy Eating Through Community, Home Gardens. It’s Not About “Sustainable” Anymore, It’s About Being “Regenerative.”

Press Release (September 10, 2018) Global Climate Action Summit Affiliate Event “Carbon Sequestration in Soil: Scaling Investment” Explores How Investment Can Drive Climate Solutions in Agriculture.
Press Release (August 20, 2018) CVS' Practice of Printing Some of the Longest Receipts is "Coming Up Short"; Receipt Paper Continues to be Major Source of toxin BPS.
paper, climate, toxins, recycled, Skip the Slip
Press Release (July 9, 2018) Hawaii-Themed Marketing Spiel Ignores the Fact Telecom Giant Is an Industry Laggard on Renewables; Green America Pushing Verizon to Match T-Mobile’s 100 Percent Clean Energy Goal.
climate change, clean energy, renewable energy