8,000 Gardens and Counting: Climate Victory Gardens in the US Triple Since Last Spring

Image: Two young women planting a Climate Victory Garden. Title: 8,000 Gardens and Counting: Climate Victory Gardens in the US Triple Since Last Spring
COVID-19 Caused a Huge Uptick in Climate-Friendly Gardens Planted in Backyards and Community Spaces

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 18, 2021 – Climate Victory Gardens, promoted by the nonprofit Green America, have reached a new 8,000-garden milestone according to the group’s interactive map that allows members of the public to register their own gardens. COVID-19 triggered a surge in new Climate Victory Gardens, which nearly quadrupled in under a year, from 2,400 last April to 8,239 now.

Climate Victory Gardens help to combat climate change by restoring soil health to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Jes Walton, food campaigns director at Green America, said: “Climate Victory Gardens have the power to change the world. Gardening is closely tied to the classic American value of self-sufficiency, and when the principles of regenerative agriculture are applied, it can be part of the climate solution. We’re excited to hit this milestone and we’re eager to continue building on this great progress.”

Inspired by the “Victory Gardens” campaigns during WWI and WWII that drove the creation of nearly 20 million gardens and produced 40 percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the U.S. at the time, Climate Victory Gardens empower Americans to grow their own produce while incorporating regenerative agriculture techniques that help fight climate change.

Green America estimates that current gardens are offsetting the equivalent of 36 million miles driven.

To plant your own Climate Victory Garden, start by following these five steps:

  1. Ditch the Chemicals
  2. Keep the Soil Covered
  3. Encourage Biodiversity
  4. Grow Food
  5. Compost

For more information on planting your own Climate Victory Garden this spring, visit ClimateVictoryGardens.org.

Climate Victory Gardens are being tracked through Green America’s searchable map. To register your own Climate Victory Garden, visit: https://greenam.org/garden.