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Do you know what your credit card supports?

If you’re using a credit card issued by Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, or another mega-bank, with each charge you could be supporting mountaintop-removal coal mining, fraudulent foreclosure practices, predatory lending, or worse. The cards below are issued by community development banks and credit unions -- financial institutions that have a mission to lift up local communities, support local and green business, provide fair housing loans, and more.

Beneficial State Bank, FSB, has partnered with TCM Bank, N.A. to issue their own Visa cards, as well as affinity cards affiliated with non-profit organizations that support various progressive missions. TCM Bank is owned by ICBA Bancard, a subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America. All Beneficial State Bank cards offer competitive terms and rewards points with no black-out dates for travel. You do not need a Beneficial State Bank account to apply for these cards:

OPCB Green America Amazon
Beneficial State Bank Visa Platinum This card, offered from a leader in beneficial banking, supports Beneficial State Bank's mission to lift up communities and preserve the environment in the Pacific Northwest. The Green America Visa, from Beneficial State Bank, supports Green America's green-economy programs. Use this card to direct a portion of every purchase toward Green America's work to build fair tradings systems, advance clean energy, get GMOs out of our food supply, and support green businesses.
The Amazon Watch Visa helps protect the rainforest. Amazon Watch works directly with indigenous communities and at the regional and international levels to protect ecologically and culturally sensitive ecosystems in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
ReDirect Salmon Sierra
The ReDirect Visa helps support Sustainable Travel International. The card also earns cardholders discounts at participating green businesses in the three regions seved by ReDirect green business guides: Denver/Boulder/Ft.Collins, Portland/Vancouver, and Salt Lake City. Many of the businesses in the Redirect guide offer Web and phone sales to other areas. The Salmon Nation Visa directs a percentage of its income to growing environmental stewardship of “Salmon Nation,” a bio-region from Alaska to Oregon. The Sierra Club Visa Card supports the nation's largest grassroots environmental organziation.

The following community development banks and credit unions offer similar credit cards that support a mission to lift up vulnerable communities.

Hope Albina Permaculture
Hope Federal Credit Union Mastercard Hope has worked for decades to improve lives in the Mid-South. You must be a member of HOPE to apply for the Mastercard, but membership is open to all.

The Loop Card A Visa issued by Albina Community Bank in Oregon. The card supports Albina’s mission to lift up Portland. An additional one percent of every purchase helps fund projects in education, social services, environment, the arts, or economic development. You don’t need an Albina account to apply.

Permaculture Credit Union’s (PCU) Visa card Based in New Mexico, PCU is committed to Earth-friendly and socially responsible loans and investments. PCU’s card is issued by the Illinois Credit Union League. It’s available members of Permaculture Credit Union.
Southern Bancorp Visa Since its formation in 1986, Southern has originated over $2 billion in development loans—primarily to individuals and organizations in the poorest areas of the United States. Today, Southern Bancorp focuses its activities on select areas of Arkansas and Mississippi.