Disney Action

Disney action. Sweatshop labor.

In June, 2016, China Labor Watch issued a report entitled “The Dark World of Disney” that found appalling labor conditions at two of Disney’s supplier factories in China. Workers in the factories worked 11-hour days for the equivalent of $1.32 US dollars per hour, and were required to work overtime. They were exposed to toxic chemicals without protection or any training in how to handle them. Workers slept in overcrowded dormitories with unsanitary facilities and fed substandard food.

Since that report came out, and thousands of Green Americans wrote to Disney, the company responded that it dropped one of the suppliers and is pushing the other to improve. But, in November, 2016, China Labor Watch issued a new report documenting yet another Disney supplier factory where employees are working 100 overtime hours per month, are exposed to toxins, and are forced to sign away their rights when they join the company. Investigations of Disney factories revealing multiple abuses now go back 15 years! The company has had ample time to require factories to comply with its code of conduct and all local laws. Yet, time and again, abuses are found at Disney contractors.

Something is rotten in the Magic Kingdom when Disney CEO Bob Iger made $45 million dollars last year, which equals $21,634 dollars per hour, yet workers in Disney’s factories made $1.32 per hour. That massive disparity is wrong, and Disney needs to change the way its toys are made.

Take action with Green Americans nationwide today to demand that Disney protects the workers that makes its toys.