Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?


Our allies at the Environmental Health Trust have a wealth of resources available to keep you informed about the potential health risks of cell phones. Check out the links below to find out more from their Campaign for Safer Cell Phones, and download some clever stickers (courtesy of the Environmental Health Trust and Jeanne Chinard) that you can apply to your electronic devices to remind yourself to keep them away from your head.

Cell Phone Stickers
The Campaign for Safer Cell Phones produced this assortment of stickers (page one and page two) to remind cell-phone users to adopt safer habits.


Fine-Print Warnings
Motorola, T-Mobile, Blackberry, Kyocera, and Apple all admit to the potential dangers of cell-phones in their fine-print warnings. The Campaign for Safer Cell Phones has them all collected in one place. Read More »


Schools Take Action
See how a junior-high school in Ada, Oklahoma is teaching students about safer cell phone use. Read More »


Business Campaign for Safer Cell Phones
The Business Campaign for Safer Cell Phones is an initiative of companies who are committed to protecting employee health and agree to provide headsets to all employees who use phones for business and create programs to promote cell phone safety. . Read More »


From Green American Magazine Issue