Staff Picks for Balancing Your Budget

apps on a phone
Graphic by Eleanor Greene

Creating a budget and other financial tasks can be downright hard. Make them easier with these apps.

I love Mint’s budgeting feature and that it sends me reminders when I’m getting close or go over. It’s nice to have all my expenses and income in one place so I can see how much money I really have. And every month it updates me with an estimated credit score. I also like Venmo for transactions between friends, instead of cash. —Mary Meade, editorial fellow

I use Splitwise to keep track of friend credits/debts and roommate shared costs. It’s nice to have in one place and not have to constantly remember who paid for what. Eliminates the need to do math too! I also have been using Fingerlakes Wealth Management  to manage an IRA and they offer one on one help and financial planning info if you have funds managed by them, which is great. —Jes Walton, food campaigns manager

Clark Howard ( is a consumer guru who has a site all about getting good deals on things like streaming TV, cell phones, insurance, and mortgage rates. It also has tips on saving money everyday and getting deals at places you already shop. —Christy Schwengel, major gifts officer

The Everydollar app helps you track every transaction in and out, to get an idea of how you really spend your money, and reminds you to plan a budget every month. Pie charts on your goals vs. reality also helps you get an idea of how well you’re doing sticking to your budget. —Eleanor Greene, editor

I like The Financial Diet (, which is aimed towards getting women to talk about money. Besides budgeting and investing articles, they also have lists of high quality, low-cost products, or how to save money in creative ways. —Dana Christianson, membership marketing director

I’ve found to be pretty helpful for financial advice on all sorts of topics. —Ed Barker, director of sustainable food supply chains, Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions