Green Gardening Gifts

Find the perfect green gardening gift to help your friends and family jumpstart or continue their gardening journeys.
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Whether you are gift-shopping for an advanced green-thumb or a hopeless horticulturist, here are some rad(ish) green gardening gifts to jumpstart them into next spring. 

{GBN} signifies a Green Business Network member. Green America's directory of certified businesses are small and micro-businesses that have passed rigorous standards for social and environmental responsibility.


Collect next season’s bounty in an artisan-made, pine needle and pajón (a native grass found in Guatemala) Harvest Basket from A Thread of Hope {GBN}. Find this unique piece for $60.

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Florida Native Wildflower’s {GBN} fresh seeds are the perfect way to spice up a garden, while attracting pollinators to improve veggie production. Seed packs for 
this Blanket Flower are $4.

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great outdoors survival kit purple prarie

The Great Outdoors Survival Kit from Purple Prairie {GBN} is filled with goodies, like the body butter and gardener’s carrot salve to relieve hardworking hands. The bug spray, sunscreen, soaps, and sanitizer protect your favorite gardener from the wilderness. Get this set for $44.

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toad stool

A Toad Stool from Nomadics Tipi Makers {GBN} is a charming accent to small spaces (12” height, 8” diameter, max 150 lbs). They are made from scraps recycled from the tipi-making process. Nomadics Tipi Makers helps to sustain the values of Native American Culture via donations, and their scholarship. Toad stools can be found for $45 each.

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easy sprout set

Sproutamo’s {GBN} Easy-Sprout containers help maintain the optimal temperature and moisture levels to quickly and easily grow and store sprouts. Starting at $10.95.

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Subscriptions from Permaculture Gardens {GBN} have something for everyone—from a low commitment, one-time permaculture guild to an annual grow-it-yourself program which includes a step by step 8-hour course, Masterclasses, Zoom classes, seeds, plants, and tools, garden-themed printables and apps.

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For birthdays, celebrations, or just to let someone know you're thinking about them, show the love with these green gardening gifts that will never go out of style.

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