6 Ways to Protest in a Pandemic

Image: hands on laptop keyboards within houses. Article: 6 Ways to Protest in a Pandemic

At Green America, when we say “green,” we always mean both environmental sustainability and social justice. It especially means recognizing that systemic racism was a reality long before the Black Lives Matter era and that the climate emergency isn’t on hold because of COVID-19. History shows us that protesting has the power to pressure government and corporations into buckling to the people’s demands. In addition to taking to the streets, here are some other ways to prtest in a pandemic and stand up for liberty and justice for all. 

Join a Nonprofit  

Officially joining an organization and recruiting a friend or two is a meaningful way to directly support a cause and connect with a likeminded community. Taking action through volunteer work, supporting advocacy campaigns, and donating are all valuable contributions and ways to protest in a pandemic. Start today by signing on to one of our many campaigns.  

Contact Elected Leaders  

It’s our duty to hold elected leaders at all levels accountable to the people they serve. Organizations like the Grassroots Law Project, Color of Change, Action Network, and of course, Green America, provide calling scripts, email templates, and sample social media posts along with their petitions to leaders. Contact information for all US elected officials can be found at usa.gov/elected-officials. 

Express Yourself with Art  

Just wearing a simple t-shirt, mask, or putting up a yard or window sign can make a bold statement. Find an array of punchy protest material from Syracuse Cultural Workers {GBN}, including an “In Our 6 WAYS TO PROTEST IN A PANDEMIC America...” yard sign for $10, (also available in Spanish). Or make your own! 

Be a Resource for Protesters  

If you’re not able to physically join a demonstration, you can show protesters you have their back by donating essential supplies like masks and snacks, offering to drive, and being an emergency contact. The National Bail Fund Network keeps up-to-date lists of funds to support in each state. Be sure to confirm with the fund whether donations are still needed before you give. 

Volunteer Your Time  

Even if you only have a few hours, volunteering for a local grassroots organization can create bandwidth for those on the ground. Volunteering could be anything from writing social media posts, designing posters, providing medical care, organizing or delivering goods, or even legal counsel depending on your expertise. There are so many ways to contribute, even from home.  

Do a Social Distancing Caravan  

If marching or standing with a crowd isn’t an option, consider joining a car or bicycle caravan. You can tape signs, play music, honk horns, and make your presence felt while staying physically distant. 

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