Map of Certified Business Member Profiles

Washington Square Capital Mgmt

We are a NYC-based independent investment advisory firm that manages customized socially responsible investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients.

Newground Social Investment, SPC

For over two decades as an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, Newground has specialized in sustainable investment management for individuals, institutions, foundations, and endowments. Nationally known for dynamic and transformational sh

Natural Investments, Eric Smith & Team

Sustainable, responsible, impact investing services for family foundations, individuals, and families since 1985. Asset management, investment consulting, and financial planning. Member of First Affirmative Financial Network

Boston Common Asset Management

At Boston Common, we analyze opportunities from a broader perspective, incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors alongside traditional financial research. As shareowners, we actively engage companies to improve transparency and accountab

Progressive Asset Management

Screens portfolios, provides social research, and refers those interested in financial services to consultants, advisors, and planners.

Sustainable Investments Institute

The Sustainable Investment Institute (Si2) conducts impartial, in-depth research on organized efforts to influence companies, in reports on social and environmental shareholder resolutions and related contentious corporate responsibility topics.

Green Century Capital Management

Environmentally responsible mutual funds founded by nonprofit advocacy organizations. The Balanced Fund invests in the stocks and bonds of companies with clean environmental records. The Equity Fund invests in the stocks of the environmentally and sociall

Bloomberg, L.P.

The success of Bloomberg L.P. is due to the constant innovation of our products, unrivaled dedication to customer service, and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Bloomberg is about information: accessing it, repor

Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)

Formed in 1989 out of an unprecedented partnership among some of America's largest socially responsible institutional investors and environmental groups, CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) has pioneered an innovative, practical ap

The Conscientious Investor

Promotes and encourages people and institutions to have nuclear, chemical, and conventional weapons-free investment portfolios.

Friends of the Earth

Green Investments Program is involved with education, shareholder activism, corporate campaigns, and company disclosure. Also works on tax shifting, slashing corporate subsidies, and reforming financial institutions and trade agreements.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

'Through the lens of faith, ICCR builds a more just and sustainable world by integrating social values into corporate and investor actions.'


A collaborative partnership of investment managers advised by nongovernmental organizations, encouraging companies to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in their products and activities.

Newground Social Investment, SPC

"As Investor Voice, we offer stand-alone shareholder engagement services – IV writes resolutions, negotiates with management, creates strategies for media and proxy advisory services, and presents at annual meetings. Led by experts nationally known for dy

Progressive Asset Management

Providing individuals, families and organizations with Socially Responsible portfolios and Fossil Fuel Free portfolios (free of the top 200 fossil fuel companies with the largest reserves, as defined by, with access to all major investments and m

Responsible Endowments Coalition

Helps colleges integrate social, environmental, and community considerations into their investments. Empowers students, staff, and alumni to change their schools.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.

Social(k) Corp

Retirement plans that advance social responsibility.